My Story

Welcome Home.  That was the first first scent that I warmed from my starter kit when I joined Scentsy.  It was (and still is) one of my many favourite scents and at that time, that's all it really was to me.  Now, it is so much more than that.   When I joined Scentsy in December of 2011 I had just gone back to work after having our 3rd child (yes...3 kids within 4 years! crazy!).  I didn't want to go back to work, but knew that I had to for financial reasons.  It broke my heart to leave our kids with someone else because I had my heart set on staying home with them.  I knew that I loved the Scentsy product and I truly thought at that time, 'I love the stuff so I may as well get it at a discount!'   After doing 2 parties in January 2012 and receiving my commission for those parties I thought 'there's something to this thing!'.  I even had my husband hooked!  Mr. 'Aerosol Spray' had now turned into Mr. Scentsy.  I loved that I could enjoy the smell and glow that I had enjoyed about candles without ever having a flame, soot or smoke...and of course, the extra income was nice too!   In November 2012, I was able to leave my full-time job - something I never imagined would ever be possible.  To be able to now spend each day with my kids and be the one to drop them off/pick them up from school, bring them home for lunch, not have to pay someone else to watch them is just so priceless.   The same month that I left my job, I hit Director and earned the incentive trip to Hawaii.  Hawaii!!!  Are you kidding me??  I couldn't believe it!  I had only ever been to a few Canadian provinces, Florida and Mexico.  Hawaii was one of those places that I thought 'maybe one day...if I win the lottery!'  I was completely blown away by Scentsy on the trip to Hawaii and I vowed I would never miss another trip.   In fall of 2013 I set big goals and worked hard to achieve them.  On December 1, 2013 I woke up to the news that I had officially promoted to Star Director and also earned the incentive trip for TWO!  In May of 2014, my husband and I went on an all expense paid trip to Greece with Scentsy as part of the top 100 trip point earners.  We are still in awe that we travelled across the ocean for free all because of this smelly stuff.   When I opened my starter kit in December 2011, I saw business supplies and a bar of Welcome Home wax.  Looking back now I know that what was really in that box was confidence to share my story with others, friendships that I could never live without, the ability to travel places I had never dreamed of, a way to help provide for our family and an overall sense of feeling at home.   What will you find in your Scentsy starter kit? Tara Collyer